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Monday, January 5, 2009

Bernard Madoff, 50 Billion Reasons To Be In Jail, and a Wimpy System

What's the deal with Bernard Madoff? First of all, when a guy steals 50 billion dollars and they put him on a 10 million dollar bail, does that not make sense to anyone else? That's like when a football player making 20 million a year gets a $5,000 fine for his 5th drug violation, worthless! Madoff got in trouble for mailing $1million worth of property to relatives in violation of his bail. Why isn't he in jail yet? I read the one story and it said he surrendered his passport, that's good. There are 6 million people here illegally that got here without a passport and about 80 cents in their pocket, what makes them think this animal can't get out with 50 mil?

Madoff will die at home before he ever pays for what he did to those thousands of people. Who was supposed to be watching this joker? Why don't we lock him in a room with all the families he has destroyed, and let them take care of it. We could just send him to Rikers Island with its horrible conditions and overcrowding so he could be with his piers, the people who stole like he did. Oh yeah, we don't put people like him in jail, we put them in their multimillion dollar condos with an ankle bracelet and their promise to be good. I am officially discusted!

Look kids, if you steal big, you will be rewarded. The paparazzi follow him around like he is sleeping with Angelina, but he screwed a lot more people didn't he? I bet you if I stole 50 grand out of the local labor group pension I wouldn't end up here on home monitoring. People don't often get a chance to see how out of whack our criminal justice system is, but Bernard is going to show us all just how equal and level the playing field really is.


Slammermike said...

I think you should apply to be a judge

awb said...

And they sent us down to the Attorney Generals office over a piddly little $500 a week fundraiser!

Slammermike said...

But we showed them we were Squeeky clean