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Monday, December 22, 2008

Multiple Sclerosis, Handicapped Parking Nazi, and Trying To Keep Civil

I went to the mall today, got the rest of what I needed for Christmas, was kind of surprised how few people were there! Did a good bit of walking, a big part of it was trying to find all the bathrooms in all the different stores. I had an elderly woman take me by the arm and ask me if I was simple for wearing shorts. It was like 25 degrees this afternoon, a pretty good wind chill, probably down around 10 degrees or so, so I pointed out I had my winter shorts on. She didn't seem to get my humor. My legs have the jumps big time, my feet hurt, as do my calves. This holiday crap is killing me!

I'm not the most mobile knife in the drawer, but I had fun mixing among the common people today. Got into a little argument over a handicapped parking spot with a guy in a wheelchair though, He said I should be ashamed of myself for using one. He told me if I could walk I had no business using a handicapped spot. I thanked him for his insight, wished him a merry Christmas, and told him to kiss my entire ass! I don't exactly exude a cheery, warm feeling towards my fellow earthlings, but there are some that piss me off more than others. This guy was one of those people.

I lost the tug of war with the wife to move into the middle of nowhere, just a small south facing house in Western Maryland, or up in mushroom country in PA. I'd like a little spread where I could have some chickens, goats and sheep. I'd like a couple of hogs, and a cow, and some rabbits. I'd like to live off the grid with my family, and have a great time doing it. We'd cut wood for the winter, and run our vehicles and farm equipment on vegetable oil. We would plant all the food we would need, and have beautiful flowers to make our home the most desirable place to live in the entire world. The only thing I would need would be that guy in the wheelchairs phone number, because if I could spread the same bullshit he was spreading today, I'd have the most fertile farm around! Moron!


Merelyme said...

oh no...i am so sorry that happened to you. i had a similar experience at disney world when taking my son who has autism on some rides. we get a special pass for him and some people don't seem to agree with that too much.

just wanted to stop by and wish you and your family a happy holiday. and may nobody else yell at you about parking spaces.

Slammermike said...

Who the hell does that guy think he is?!? Are there degrees of disability for parking? I certainly hope you told him,"MFC Asshole".
I was telling someone the other day I doubted that you had long pants. I get the same looks and comments all the time. They always ask where my coat is. I tell them in the car so it won't get lost or cold.