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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas Preperation, Setting The Menu, and Youth Skating Program

Just a few days until Christmas, I had better formulate a plan to attack my shopping responsibilities, I don't want to wait too long and not be able to get what I want. I have a list, but I got the list items already, do I get her a vacuum? She would kill me if I get her household items, I better go with a lawnmower, just to be safe. If I go early enough, I can get the couple of things I need, and go to have my blood drawn, and get stuff for dinner, I will have time to get the boys hair cut. Sounds like a busy day, but it should be fun.

Christmas dinner is here, looks like ham, Cole slaw, scalloped potatoes, collard greens, and probably corn bread. I wanted to fricassee a couple of rabbits, I think they call that a herd, or warren of rabbits, but got voted down by the wife. She wants to add a roast of beef, something that can be done in a crock pot and forgotten. We are becoming crock pot wizards, having done the turkey breasts there for Thanksgiving. I will do anything she wants, shes my baby, and as always, in charge!

The girl is home from school, I went to watch her teach her skating classes, it was fun, and she does a great job. I pull a lot of weight with the program, I have been the master of ceremonies for years now, doing the voice overs, and announcing the children in their special parts, so they let me go watch. Actually it was open house and all the parents were allowed to watch, but it sounds better to say it was just me. So she skated and was in heaven, the boy bowled all day, so he too was in heaven! Both my kids were in heaven, so I was a happy guy too!

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