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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Backyard Smoker, Having Fun, Not Giving In

I got a new toy to play with, wanted one for a while, so it should be fun. I really like to cook, all kinds of cooking too. The only one I should stay away from is baking, everything turns out tasting like biscuits! I have always wanted to own a southern barbecue stand, probably the only thing I ever consistently wanted to do. I have smoked things in the back yard for years too, usually in a regular Weber grill, every once in a while in a bullet style smoker, but I always wanted an offset smoker.The best part of this toy is I didn't buy it, my brother did, and then I borrowed it!

OK, I will probably, I said probably, either give it back, or buy it from him, maybe? I was having a blue day this summer and told him we should start a barbecue business, he went right out and bought a smoker! We went out to lunch the other day, and I asked him if he was using it much? He informed me it was still in the box, not even assembled. So much for a barbecue business! I'm like the wizard of great ideas, standing behind my curtain, pulling levers, setting off smoke bombs, just thinking crap up! I went from not having the nerve when I was younger to take the chance to do something, to having a body that makes the decision for me.

So big deal, I won't be the next Andy Nelson, there are worse things in life, doesn't mean I can't have fun. I have a friend who has a competition barbecue team, I could steal all of his recipes and smoke up the neighborhood. I'm going to smoke chicken, pork butts, sausages, hot dogs, pork chops, bologna, and anything else I can think of. I have to go out back tomorrow and give it a good seasoning before I use it, then I suppose I should invite the brother over for a barbecue, after all, it is his smoker! I think some good beef hot dogs, and a few slices of beef bologna should be the first thing I make. I wonder if they are on any of the MS diets I have looked at? Who cares, I'm trying them out!


froggy soprano said...

Go for it, my mother always said it is bad luck to thank people who give you a plant. So maybe you should keep the smoker, you don't want it not to work . Seriously, I will try to get the neighbors if he decides to get rid of it.

awb said...

If I buy all his stuff, I can hire Dad to work for me. He already knows the business, tell him I will pay him double! Opps, I forgot, he was a volunteer.

Slammermike said...

Maybe a trip to Binkerts would be a good start for the smoker

awb said...

I went to Binkert's the other day, they have reopened after the fire. I took the brother down and got some course liverwurst, to die for!