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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Multiple Sclerosis, Mobility, and Numbness

It's interesting, I said someplace on here once, and a fellow MS'er agreed, everybody wants to blame everything on the MS. I am proud to say I don't allow that to happen! Problem is, what do you do when you when the main problem takes over, and it really is the MS? Hmm, didn't think of that one. I've been saying the problems I'm currently having must be due to a different way of eating, but I think I was trying to convince myself of something that may not be true. This is by no means the end of the world, but it is something I have to look into.

My legs, like from the beginning, more the right, are shot! I am not moving around very well at all. So bad in fact I turned down an outing with Slammer to the Navy football game. I usually would rather have a root canal then watch college football, but I don't often pass up a day out with Slammer where we can throw peanuts at guys in pink shirts. The legs are bad enough, but you can work around them not working. My hands, again, more the right, are really getting bad. I don't know if I could even give a fan from the other team the finger, at least not with emphasis!

So the appointment I'm making for the neuro will be about the mobility, and the dexterity issues I'm having, not about if my diet is doing it. The diet is going great, by the way. I'm at 280 and going strong, but it's hard to stay interested in it. It's hard to stay interested in anything, but I work at it. If I know my stuff, and I probably don't, I am about due for another at home infusion of steroids. I have my own IV pole and everything! But I won't get ahead of myself, I will wait for the docs to juice me up before I get all wired over it. The bad thing is I kind of look forward to it. Even during the chemo, the only part that made me feel really good was the bag of juice before hand!


Anonymous said...

You have propably looked into this, but do you have silver fillings? I am in the middle of Mercury detox and I'm doing better. Mercury deactivates B1 and can lead to a form of Beriberi that has the same symptoms of MS.

awb said...

Thanks, I had all 26 of my mercury fillings removed about 20 years ago, I should probably look into the B1 thing. Thanks for stopping in.

Slammermike said...

Not to rub it in but it was a GREAT game. Navy down 27-7 with 9 minutes to go and they tie it and then win 33-27 in OT. Hopefully you'll be feeling perkier next time. Maybe I'll race you across the parking lot to our seats. LOL Now that would be a sight I'd like to see. They could clock us in the 40 with a calendar!

awb said...

Sounds like a great game, it means tons that I've been gone from work for 12 years the beginning of next month and I'm still included! As for that race, I think you finally have someone to beat up on.