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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Multiple Sclerosis, Dental Amalgam , and Tarzan Movies

Dose 8 of vitamin D tonight, and a Rebif injection, I didn't plan that real well, did I? I should be getting another slip in the mail to have my blood drawn, can't wait to see how high the D level has risen. I'm guessing the level should be somewhere close to 30, or so. Once again, the goal is 50. My impressions after 8 weeks of massive D ingestion isn't so great. I would think by now I should see some significant improvement, or any if I am going to see it at all. My problem is I don't know if the way I feel is better or not. Am I confusing weakness with numbness?

Had a comment about amalgam fillings today, I had forgotten all about that! Like I said in my reply, I guess I had my 26 or so removed about 17 years ago, must have been 20 actually? The anonymous commenter mentioned mercury detox, and Beriberi disease. I've always wanted to do a whole body detox, but don't know enough about it, or can't find someone who does. As for the Beriberi, I thought you only got that in Tarzan movies! The Beriberi is actually a B1 deficiency, or a lack of thiamine. You figure I have a D vacancy, why not a B1! The technical names sound like Russian helicopters or chess players, I guess that's why they call it wet and dry Beriberi?

Wet and dry anything I think of the movie Papillon, with the leper colony. The wet form of beriberi you have heart problems, the dry you have MS symptoms. With Beriberi at least, it sounds like dry is better! I am going to check into both, have them throw in a screen for B1 at the next phlebottimist visit, and I really wnt to try a detox. It says you need a high protein diet, I'm eating an Atkins type diet, why not? I am open to anything, up for it all, and willing to try anything twice, so send me some more ideas!

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