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Monday, November 3, 2008

Multiple Sclerosis, Computers, and Running Out of Gas

What a beautiful day here today in Maryland! So much so, I went out and cleaned out my shed. I had to get everything straight before winter gets here, that's where my computer assembly station is. I have like 5 computers out there I have collected over the years, all taken apart and ready to be Frankensteined! I actually have one that is kinda together, in a way. I can turn it on, it sorta boots up, but I think I may need to do more work, or at least read an article about it! I plan on putting a Ubuntu Linux operating system on it, or something else with a really cool name.

So, back to the shed cleaning. I got the entire thing done, found all kinds of stuff. I had my 32 oz mug of water, and a bag of BBQ pork rinds, it don't get no better than that. I'd clean a little, sit a little, clean some more, sit some more. I realized out in the barn today, my leg doesn't work that great! Oh yeah, I knew that little tidbit, didn't I? The brace also isn't good for close quarter spinning, you know what I mean, when you pivot on the balls of your feet. It hurts like hell! I threw stuff away, sat, put things on shelves, sat, move to a different chair and sat some more.

The energy level was better today, but the legs gave out on me in the long run. Ya can't complain though, I was able to clean out the shed, right? Horsehockey! You can too complain, I don't buy into that stoic and brave crap! It took me all day to clean out the shed, and the shed wasn't in that bad a shape. My legs are burning and are wobbly, my back hurts, and I drank water and ate pork rinds all day! This is fun, maybe tomorrow I will cut back all the bushes and tear out the rest of the annuals and the idiot garden? Or maybe I just ought to rent a movie and stick a knitting needle through my chest, cut out the middle man! Well, it was a beautiful day anyway.


Stuart said...

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Slammermike said...

Sounds like you and I had the same kind of day yesterday.

I took off to enjoy a nice 4 day weekend. So yesterday I cut the grass and mulched some leaves fortunately I did this from the seat of my tractor.

Then I got into the shed also. Straightened up some, took the sand out of the pool filter and stored that. My leg wasn't quite ready for that though.

I got tired of moving the sand from the filter into the can. So in my infinite wisdom I decided to pick up the filter and gently dump it into the can.

Well I was standing on the ramp into the shed when I attempted this. I got the filter up but then realized the slope of the ramp and the weight of the filter and the condition of my foot and leg were all against me.

I started to stumble backwards down the ramp hoping not to drop and crack the filter or have it fall on me.

I got it done but it was a Kodak moment.

awb said...

You're still cutting grass up in the zone, I figured the snow was covering it by now? Take it easy with that foot, though I enjoyed the company when you were off having your cosmetic procedure, I don't think you would want to do it again. Take it from an expert, there is no harm in asking for help, and there plenty of people who would do the bull work in a minute!

awb said...

Thanks Stuart, I will check out website.

Slammermike said...

Oh I'll still cut one or two more times at lease, mostly to mulch up leaves. Then it'll be time to take the mower deck off and put on the plow & chains.