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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Multiple Sclerosis, Gluten Free Diet, and Old Friends

I went to the boy's bowling tournament today, because I knew I could just sit, and I could watch him too. I saw a girl I went to high school with, she was there watching her nephew, that was nice. She dated a friend of mine, we played basketball together for years. I asked if the guy had ever put on any weight, he was tall and very thin. She said he hadn't, but he was bald, so that made me feel good! It's good to see people from another time.

Another friend gave me some good intell on shopping at Trader Joe's for gluten free products. She unfortunately has a couple of boys that are in need of gluten free foods and was gracious enough to share some info with me. I'm sure I will be picking her brain for more information, mainly because I really think the key to all of this MS stuff is going to have a food component, and I'm eliminating food theories one by one. Gluten is next on my list, so far Swank and Atkins are no good for me, but onward we go!

The leg cramps are driving me crazy! They are cycling about every minute, or minute and a half in both legs. My legs are just throbbing, like someone has been beating me in my sleep. Everyone here denies having done so, I will have to take them on their word! Everything I read say it may take months, maybe even longer to see benefits from any eating program. That may well be, but I saw problems with the other diets almost right away. I'm just looking to catch a small break, I think I'm due, I can feel it!


Anonymous said...

i found this post via a google alert. i too have terrible leg cramps, what we call jimmy leg. i find that calcium/magnesium, taken in fairly high dosages, works very well st stopping them. that, and black russians, which my neuro says is not really the best solution, but if it works, what the hey. don't know if i could deal with no gluten, but that is something to try. also i am fascinated with "spontaneous healing," by andrew weil. hope you find whoever is beating you at night!

awb said...

I like the black Russian idea myself, I'm still trying to convince the family the doctor gave me a prescription to start smoking. They aren't buying it! Thanks for the calcium/magnesium idea, I figure all suggestions are worth a try! Thanks for stopping in and commenting, good luck to you too!

cmm said...

Unfortunately, or I guess I should say fortunately, I don't have much gluten free info other than where to buy stuff. I've had to go TJ's to get dairy free food, and food free from other allergens but thank God gluten was never a problem. Whole Foods is great too but a little more expensive and a little farther away.

I hope it helps you, anything is worth a try! I'd love to read soon how great your legs feel!

Glad your family had a nice Thanksgiving, and glad Jake is bowling again. We had a great Thanksgiving too, and reading your blog helps me remember that while things are not always perfect, we still have much to be thankful for!