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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Multiple Sclerosis, MS Clinics, and Going Off The Path

There is a pretty good website having to do with MS and diet, it covers a lot of the things that I have either tried, or want to try in the future. Multiple Sclerosis and Dietary Intervention talks about gluten, Swank, even ELISA to check for allergies. There is a lot of information there, but it is something each person would need to try for themselves to see if any of it works. I've got like a bucket list of diet alternatives that I plan on crossing off as I give them a try. I really would like to see more done with looking into a connection between MS and food hypersensitivity, unfortunately nobody asks me for my opinion!

There is a lot to learn, leaky gut, blood brain barrier, the list goes on. The problem I have found is that I seldom, if ever, get the same answer from one neuro to the next. I'm hitting some pretty good hospitals with these neuros too, U of MD, Johns Hopkins, not too shabby. My main guy is at the local hospital, but he has been very good. Franklin Square is also where I had my chemo, a great place for a horrible procedure. I wish I was a kid again and my mother could tell me it would all be OK, and it was.

For now though I must continue on my own way, stopping to get info along the way from people nice enough to share, like wonlife who gave me an idea for the leg cramps, large doses of calcium/magnesium. CMM is my shopping guru, she is telling me where to look, and she stops in on a regular basis, thanks for that. Anecdotal is all I have to go on now, so feel free to share, tell your friends to stop in and info me up, tell everybody, but not that strange guy at work, he will probably find me on his own anyway. Experts don't care much for anecdotal evidence, but they don't have anything better to offer me, so anecdote away!


Diane J Standiford said...

"...strange guy at work..." LOL Yep, we all have one. From me, one word: bananas. eriously has helped all my symptoms. (especially leg cramps)

awb said...

Diane, bananas would be way to easy for me, I like them. If a food is going to help me it's going to be something like pureed brussel sprouts in vinegar broth! I also wonder if the strange guy at work knows he's the strange guy at work?

Anonymous said...

Betty G. told me a long time ago, orange juice at bedtime helps with leg cramps and a doctor told me to take quinine. Worth a try.

awb said...

I took quinine when I was digging the Panama Canal! Do you need a prescription for it Froggy?