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Friday, November 28, 2008

Mutiple Sclerosis, A Great Thanksgiving, and 3rd Place in Bowling Tournament

We had a great turkey day, good food, a beautiful day, and time with family, who could ask for more. The food was a big hit, so all the work was worth it. The parents even went as far as to say it was maybe the best food they had ever had for thanksgiving. That is particularly good when you realize that is like a combined 315 Thanksgivings! My parents went home, so the house is quiet, but it was great having them stay with us.

The boy had a bowling tournament today, and he did great! He was leading after the first 3 games, and was in second after 5 games, well above the level of the cut. He was still in second place after a 3 game final round qualification, still going strong after 8 games. After the final round, what they call a step ladder round, he finished in 3rd place for the day, not too shabby for only being back to his right hand for about 2 weeks! He added $70 to his college fund, that's how the prize money is structured, so a great day in all.

I had a blast, got to be the host for family time, always a good feeling. We also did a lot of work to ensure a nice day, but well worth it. My body has decided to ask for a legal separation from my spirit! I still have the will to frolic, but a body that can't, or at least won't. I am paying the price for the last 2 days of work, but that's OK, I was able to do it, and will do so for as long as I can. I also think I am teaching my kids an important lesson, one that shows that family comes first. It's not always easy to do when the MS rears it's ugly head to remind me, "Hey, I'm still here," but I think it's worth it. I got to do all I wanted to do for the holiday, as for the price, I'll pay it, I had a blast!


Slammermike said...

Sounds like a great holiday and a great day of bowling. Is his arm painful at all getting back into the bowling on a regular basis?
Now the big question.....

Did you drop the turkey on the floor???

awb said...

I dragged that turkey all over the house, just for flavor! I also did the same for the breasts I cooked in the crock pots! The boys hand shrank a bit, the finger holes in the balls are all too big. He is getting there, and he loves it.