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Friday, November 21, 2008

Multiple Sclerosis, Gluten, and Food Allergies

So, in case it doesn't show, I'm kinda hung up on diet and Multiple Sclerosis. I'm convinced that by taking control of the foods I put in my body, I can in turn take back control of my body. So far I tried the Swank diet, no good, I was always hungry. I tried a modified Atkins diet, it woke up some feeling, the problem is, the feeling is pain! I'm thinking I should have tried a modified Swank? Let's think about this logically for a minute. Maybe the renewed sensation in my legs has to do with the reduction of carbs into my diet. Maybe it's not the carbs, maybe it's the elimination, or at least huge reduction of gluten? What in the hell is gluten?

I've read different things about the evils of gluten in the past, but never really gave it much thought. I happen to be a huge fan of sandwiches, so there is no way bread could be bad for me, what about all of my tomato sammiches? I remember reading this thing about this guy, a fellow MS'er, who was totally out of the game, wheelchair and all. He decided to stop being a "living cadaver" for the doctors to experiment on. The mans name was Roger MacDougall, and he started under the assumption that he was allergic to certain certain foods. It must have worked for him, though he didn't say he was cured, he claimed to be in a "self induced remission."

Is that possible, can you be allergic enough to something to cause MS? I had allergy tests when I was a kid, did they show anything? I had like a bazillion needles, showed allergies to dust, cats and feathers. That was the year, after the tests, Santa brought me my down jacket, thanks Santa! The allergy tests have come a long way, they have one called the Elisa test, it's done off just one vial of blood. Of course like anything else with MS, there is the controversy of the other side of the coin, the side that claims it is just snake oil and smoke. Makes me laugh, how fast something is ridiculous, but how fast they are to tell us they don't know the correct answer.

What to do, what to do, it is quite the conundrum! I can't keep up with the current system, it's killing me. Let us assume that the vitamin D isn't the culprit in the great leg disaster of 2008, what else is different? I said before, I haven't felt good since I stopped smoking, but nobody is buying that the doctor wants me to start again, so scratch that. I'm still taking the Rebif shot 3 nights a week, no change there. The D can cause drowsiness, but I'm not tired. That leaves me with the experiments I have done with diet. Any thoughts out there? I need to figure out just what all encompasses gluten, and how to figure out if I am food sensitive. Any ideas are more then welcome, shoot me a comment if you stop in!


Anonymous said...

Why don't you get tested for celiac disease. It sometimes occurs with ms.

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