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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Multiple Sclerosis, Diet, and Youth Bowling

Have you ever really looked into a gluten free diet? Holy cow, is it complicated! Now I say that, but I haven't been to the grocery store to read labels. You can have bread, but it's made with stuff like tapioca and brown rice flour. Tapioca flour, as in the pudding? Bread means sammiches, so this one has possibilities. Does Weis or Super Fresh sell gluten free bread? I suppose I need to go up and see for myself, sounds like a road trip!

The boy got his info for a list of new tournaments for junior bowling, looks like we are off to Pittsburgh, New York, and I forgot the other places he said. He is thrilled to be bowling right handed again, as are we. I think I'm more excited that we didn't have to buy any new balls for him to use left handed! He has a tournament this Friday and Saturday, another one Sunday, and leagues on both Saturday and Sunday. He also works all 3 days at the bowling alley! I guess we are lucky, we at least know where he is going to be?

The legs are feeling a little better, I do believe the Atkins diet almost killed me! I felt pretty good everywhere, except my arms and legs, oh yeah, and the total loss of energy! I think some of the stuff I read must have been right? Actually almost all of the stuff I read told me higher fat was bad. It also told me that no red meat and extremely low fat would make me feel good. WRONG! I felt equally bad, but in different ways on that one. I'm going to give myself until next weekend to start the no gluten shtick, so pumpkin cake beware!


CMM said...

Go to Trader Joe's. I've always had to go there b/c my boys have food allergies. They'll have a lot more gluten free items, even pasta, and MUCH CHEAPER! For example, some of those healthy cereals that Weis sells for $5, are $2.75 at Trader Joe's. And a 1/2 gallon of my boys' rice milk is less at Trader Joe's than Weis charges for a quart, and both of these are the same brands at both stores. If they can't sell something for the lowest price, they don't sell it at all (which is why they don't consider themselves full service, but they have a lot of stuff).

It's right in Towson at the roundabout, weird to find, down in the hole (under Bahama Breeze restaurant) so you can't see it from the road. Across from Towson Burger King on Joppa Road there are 2 driveways, one for the mall parking lot, and one that is a blue square sign with a T on it. Turn there at the blue parking sign and it will take you down to it.

Slammermike said...

I bet he is glad to be bowling again. But if he kept bowling with his left hand he could wind up being the next Andy Verapapa. He could bowl both left & right handed

awb said...

I have been wanting to go to Trader Joe's, now I have a good reason to, thanks!

awb said...

That's the guy that could use both hands at the same time, right? He was what they call amphibious!