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Monday, November 24, 2008

Gluten Free, Thanksgiving, and Multiple Sclerosis

We went down to Geresbeck's tonight to do our grocery shopping for Thanksgiving dinner. We are having the wife's family, and my parents for the all day feed event. It's ridiculous how much cheaper grub is at that store. You can find things there they don't make! I was actually able to leave the store without putting one of their eclairs in my basket this time, but it wasn't easy.

We are going to have all the standards, a huge turkey with all the trimmings, kraut with kielbasa, taters, sweet and smashed, stuffing, asparagus, corn pudding, cranberries, rolls, zucchini bread, and gallons of gravy! We even got 2 turkey breast to cook ahead of time so we can slice them for sammiches later in the day. Um, a turkey, stuffing, kraut and cranberry sammich, now thems good eats! There will be pumpkin pies, and mincemeat too, and our pumpkin cake. I can hear myself getting fatter!

Obviously, I'm planning on starting my gluten free shtick after Thanksgiving. I skipped Halloween, not a single piece of candy, not one candied apple or threaded popcorn strands. OK, those last too aren't real big anymore, but not one piece of candy, honest! I figure what's one more holiday going to do, kill me? I sure hope not, but I will keep my fingers crossed! By Christmas I will have everything up and running, and my feast will be a cacophony of glutenless delights! Until then, I pretend.

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Slammermike said...

Thanksgiving and Family. It doesn't get any better than that!

Thanksgiving always brings back memories for everyone. Every family has one certain dish that must be served every year.

It give you time to look around and realize no matter how tough things are we still have so much to be thankful for.

Great Kids

Great wives that put up with us

Great friends that are always there, no matter what for over 25 years

Parents that have grown into a roll as friends also and are still there even after you are grown

A steady job that is pretty much recession proof

Retirement benefits that include great health care benefits

We really have a lot to be Thankful for

I hope you guys have a GREAT Thanksgiving.