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Friday, November 7, 2008

Multiple Sclerosis, Special Seating Needs, and Reusing Furniture

We changed the furniture around in the living room, or should I say we changed the furniture? My chair and a half is plum wore out, besides that, it sits so low it has gotten hard to get out of it. It was an extra easy decision when a hole worked itself through on the one arm. We had a Lazy-Boy rocker in the basement, we decided to bring that up and do the old switcharoo! Now picture this, the boy using one hand, the wife, while at 6'2" in height, has the strength of a newborn, and me, well I'm me! the recliner didn't break down into 2 sections, so we had to bring it up whole. The chair & 1/2 was fun! The ottoman was a slice of gravy, the chair on the other hand was a tight fit!

We got it all done, found a cool website for buying slipcovers, when it hit me, we have another Lazy-Boy in the basement! If we bring that one up too, set it next to the other, we will have our own recliner theater! Of course after all the work of getting them both upstairs, I'd better not complain about either of them being hard on my legs. I wonder if they make chair risers, like the ones they make for beds? My problem is that first foot of getting up. If the seat was say, 6-12 inches higher, it would make it much easier. Then it hit me again, maybe they do! I found one place for chair risers, or this one, but it didn't look like a whole lot of difference? I was thinking of bolting a chain into the ceiling, using it like a hoist to get my big ass out of the chair, but the wife said no.

I wish I could try the chair riser, but how do you do that? I see those chairs that the entire thing rises up until you're standing, but it seems to me there is a lot that can go wrong with that set up. Also I'm luckily not at that point yet, I just need a push, not a shove! Anyway, with my luck, those self rising chairs would malfunction and throw me across the room! I'm not overly thrilled at having to have risers on my chair to make it easier just to stand, but I should be. I figure, take advantage of everything you can to stay one step ahead, right?

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