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Saturday, October 4, 2008

Vitamin D, Multiple Sclerosis, and Heros Parade

So let's think this vitamin D thing through. I agreed to hold off starting my LDN therapy for a more "excepted" MS therapy, the vitamin D. I've been doing some reading, and I'm beginning to think I was sworndoogled? That's a good word, right, I just made it up! Really, it's mine! I have been reading some of the studies on MS and D, one was inconclusive, one showed that maybe, maybe I says, it could slow the progression. The problem is that was a short term study of 11 people! Whaaa? I get mad at more people than that a day!

Dosage is another thing I'm a little concerned about. The normal dose, and the dose they say you shouldn't go over is 1,500 micrograms a day. If you take more than that you open yourself up to blood pressure problems, nausea, kidney failure, and fatigue. Fatigue? Are they shittin me? That's one of the reasons I'm taking it, not to mention I'd hate to have my kidneys fall out! Come on, give me a break on this one. Oh yeah, I remember the other thing, I'm taking 50,000 mg once a week! Holy mackerel! Just reading that made me tired and my kidneys hurt.

Are these feelings I can't figure out things that are feeling better, or things that are shutting down? Here I'm hoping the weakness in my legs was the regeneration of feeling, and was a good sign. Now I'm not sure if it's not a bad sign rather than something to smile about. 2 neuros wanted this over LDN, no studies in that, but there are ones for the D. I'm screwed! Looks like Monday I need to call to find out if the neuro wants me to have blood work every couple of weeks, or just wait and see what happens. Either way, I wish the study had maybe 20 people in it, 11 is an odd number.

A quick note about Phelps mania day. 5000 lined the parade route today, and I just heard the fireworks from Fort McHenry. They had marching bands, other Olympians, and I think I heard a mime? Mike even had what looked to be body guards walking along side his vehicle, which made me chuckle. His mother and sister were in another car waving to the crowd. What did I miss? What events were they in? Do you know how mad I'd be to go to a parade and see somebodies mother on display? That would be the time I would turn to piss and moan to my wife about why mom was there and miss the person I was there to see! It must do it for the masses though, at least upwards of 5,000 of them!


Slammermike said...

I had heard the crowd on the parade route was bigger than that. I saw the body guard guy walking along side Michael's military HunVee. They guy was walking backwards. Did he walk the entire parade backwards???

froggysoprano said...

Did you ever stop to think he wouldn't be there either if not for his mother.? Why are mothers the target of so many jokes on tv sit coms and the like. I would go to a parade to see my mother. She was a little woman from a fishing village in Virginia and she had so much influence on her family but we didn't realize it in time. She deserved a parade even without her illustrious offspring. Her grandson thought she was special, didn't he? She liked him a lot too. She would have been the proudest grandmother in any parade if her big little boy had been in it.

awb said...

That's a good question Slammer. If he walked it backwards, he's lucky he didn't trip into a Buick, that happens in Towson!

Froggy, I did think of that, and I remember I had a mother when I was a kid. My point was, besides that Michael shouldn't have had a parade, maybe there were other people who deserved a parade more then a mother who did for her child? Besides, let him call his mother on mother's day like the rest of us!

froggysoprano said...

There is a vast difference between hero's and role models. Michael is well known in Salisbury for a different reason, a DUI. He could have had a parade a lot sooner but partying took too much time. Kids today really have few good role models. Maybe that is what is backwards. Young people adore these celebrities for all the wrong reasons. Did you call your mother on Mother's Day? Probably did.

cjm said...

But Michael is a good role model. He made that mistake who didn't, only they didn't get caught?), and he was sorry and spoke to many high schools to help teach how wrong it is. And it does help when the kids learn it from someone like him.

I was at the parade. Myself and many of friends took our little swimmers who wanted to see him. Part of the appeal is that he is a good guy and a good role model. If he wasn't I wouldn't have gone.

And as a mom, I was as happy to see his mom as were many people. She is as responsible as his coach for where he is. What parent can't love a woman who refused to listen when she was told that her son would never be able to focus on anything long enough to make something of himself? And in China, where she was like the rock star mom who was bombarded by news cameras whenever she walked into a room, she made it a point to head straight to the local Baltimore newscasters and thank the people of Baltimore for their support. I'm glad she was there!

awb said...

Moms are what make it work cjm! I knew if I didn't see anyone else I knew, I knew I would see my mom at every single game I was involved in. She didn't know a touchdown from a free throw and it didn't matter. My point was, why her? Did the other moms of the other Olympians do anything for their kids? Where were they? I don't like it when they pick certain people out of groups of similar people. It should be all or none. I know my mom didn't do it in hopes of a parade, she did it for me! I'm sure you are the same kind of mom.