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Sunday, October 5, 2008

Multiple Sclerosis, Idiot Gardening, and a Turbo Toilet

I can remember wondering if life would be easier if people could see that I had MS? I would go places after I retired, or the year or so before, and people would be shocked there was anything wrong. I know there are people who wondered if I was pulling a fast one when I did retire, and I'm sure some still do, mainly because of my size and my stellar good looks! I thought that back when it wasn't noticeable. Many years have passed, and oh boy is it noticeable! The cane, the brace, and the pissy attitude, oh yeah, it's noticeable. Well I'm older now, not as old as my sister, who just turned 50, but older just the same, and take my word for it, it doesn't make it easier!

The idiot garden is finished for tomatoes for me. They were the best tomatoes anyone has ever grown, really, they were. I've got a freezer full of squash, we are gorged on green peppers, I have a great second crop of Cheyenne and jalapeno peppers. and the salads have been, and still are great! I am planning my crop for next year! I need to design a better trellis system, the plants got so big that the tomatoes collapsed down on themselves and broke the stems, greatly decreasing my harvest. I took off 10 softball sized green peppers Friday on plants that are 8 feet tall. Anybody that thinks they can't grow veggies, either due to know how or physical limitations, think again, this is great!

Well, I thought I would never say this, but the turbo toilet is operational! We had a ribbon cutting ceremony, just immediate family, but it was nice. We started the project July 14, 2008. I'd like to tell you the project added 2,000 square feet to the house and that's what took so long, but that's the case. We will be showering in there tomorrow, it will be wonderful! Now our bathroom is one of those deals where you go in and the sink is there, the shower and turbo toilet are in their own little room. There isn't a door, or trim, or a window sill in there yet, but the important parts work. Next time a family member says not to spend the $4000 for the renovation, I'll steal the money before I fall for it again!


Slammermike said...

I am confused!!! You will be showering in your turbo toilet tomorrow!?!?!?!? That must be one hell of a rinse cycle!!!!!

I think you should have a chili party with all your buddies from work and really christen that bad boy!!

Slammermike said...

Did you grow any Roma tomatoes? They freeze nice for soups and chili in the winter.

Also if you pick all your green tomatoes before the first frost and wrap them in paper and store in a cool dark place they will ripen through the fall.

awb said...

That gang for a chili party? Here I am all these years thinking you had sense!

Unfortunately my Roma's took a hit with the great idiot garden collapse of 2008! We still had a surplus of tomatoes, but not enough to put any up (that's what they call it when save crops, put them up!) I will have some to try with the bag method, I hope it works great!