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Friday, October 3, 2008

The Parade of Gold, Congratulations Michael Phelps

Wow, Michael Phelp's won like 100 medals or something, pretty impressive. Maybe the taxpayers will build him a swimming complex like they built Cal Ripken a baseball one? Sounds like quite a blast down at the old Fort McHenry, a good time had by all. It has to be a gala, Billy Bush is the emcee for Pete's sake! The County Executive for Baltimore threw Michael a big Blast the last time he came home, naming a street after him if I remember. They are also giving him a parade in Towson, Michael's hometown. Who is paying for this, by the way? Surely my state and local government aren't paying for it, meaning me?

Come on, are we that starved for celebrities that we need to spend the kind of money they are going to fork out? I'd probably go, but I can't afford the gas to get down there! I don't see any sponsors anywhere on the web page? They do have the County, City, and State seals at the end, does that mean it's there because it's their ball? Cool, the new economic plan has already worked in Baltimore! I'm glad to see we have taken care of all the people who need help, the ones who are having a hard time. We must have, we are giving welcome home parties to celebrities, that must come after, right?

Sadly, no it doesn't come first that we help people in need. Michael is an ambassador to China, we all know what that means. Wait, what does that mean? Is China going to fill all the empty business parks along Rte. 43? Because Michael lives here is China going to buy up more of our debt then they do say Florida? The city sure doesn't have anything more important then an "atta boy" for an Olympian. Am I the only one that doesn't get it? Is the rest of Maryland, nay the country, so enamored by famous people that it's anything goes? I suppose so, but anyway, way to go Mike!

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