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Friday, October 24, 2008

Vitamin D, Multiple Sclerosis, and Blood Work Results

My neuro got back to me tonight, everything is on track with the D. His friend, the vitamin D guru doctor agrees, I'm aces. My blood work came back great. My kidney's are kidneying, and my liver has everything it's supposed to have, and nothing it's not. In fact everything is right in the middle of the good range. My blood sugar is good, cholesterol, white blood cells , and everything else is just as we want them. My D level has risen from 17 to a whopping 24.5! The doc's want me get into the 50 range, with normal being 32-100.

He wanted to know if I was tolerating things OK, and I didn't know how to answer. I think you can tolerate anything, it usually has more to do with what you are getting out of it. It obviously is easier if you know the end result, but that's seldom the case with MS related issues, at least for me anyway. So I trudge along, with almost paralysis in my right hand, and a weakness in my legs like I have never experienced. I'm still trying to convince myself that this is normal, but I'm starting to have real concerns. How long do you go on with when the doctors aren't worried?

I'm also getting ready to go have another brace fitted for my right leg. They are going to do a new evaluation to see what I need to help my mobility. When do I go for that? Do I go now, or do I wait to see what comes next? I suppose I need to go now, mainly because I never know when something new is going to start. I hate the thought of breaking in a new brace, but the old one has just about run its course, both in usefulness and mechanical durability. I hate the fact that I am waiting for medicine to work on one hand, and I'm looking forward to getting my new brace on the other. Ah, good times!

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