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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Solar Space Heating, Multiple Sclerosis, and Family

Design change on the solar heater made today, I think for the best. I actually decided to make 2 different kinds, that way I'm sure to hit the right one, yes? Both are going to be window units, sitting on the outside of the window, entering the house both above, and below. One will be a purely thermo siphoning design with rows of aluminum cans drilled out and connected end to end. The other will be a horizontal baffle system with a small DC fan to pull the air through the unit. It will take approximately 115 cans for the one, and I'm not sure what to use for the baffled system, give me some ideas!

I went up to my father in laws today and got about 65 of the cans drilled out. We had a nice time, went out to lunch, talked about the design aspects of the heaters, and solved most of the worlds problems. We got back to the house to find a big limb from one of his numerous trees laying in the front lawn. Luckily the tree limb missed the house, all the cars, even the one neighbor who always parks his BMW in front of the in laws house, he likes to leave the street open in front his own. We went out and cut the limb up, then we carried it around the back of the house to a brush pile he keeps. I carried one baby limb, that was all I could manage on the uneven ground to the back, I have MS you know.

It's hard to give in to the fact that I'm not able to do those kinds of things, but it is amazing to see I have a 83 year old father in law, and a 73 year old father that still can. OK, forget about the MS thing, say I was just a regular guy. I wouldn't have a choice but to have stayed in good enough shape to do all things I see these 2 men do, they amaze me! I remember going to pick up a sofa with my grandfather when I was about 20. He put his one hand on the loading dock platform and hopped up like it was nothing. I used the steps, I wasn't going to have a problem doing it, I'd never of out lived it! I am very lucky to have the 2 I still have here, I need to make sure I tell them both I know it!

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