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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Happy Anniversary, I'm a Lucky Guy

The girl is back at school, the boy is up the bowling alley, and the wife and I are sitting in the living room, both of us on our laptops. We never talk anymore, we just email or text each other! I'm sure some people live that way, but it's not us. I'm just a chatty Cathy, never quiet! I suppose that's why we get along so well? I go on and on about any little thing, and she just stares adoringly at with with a look of awe in her eyes! It's all I can do to force her to tell me what's on her mind. I think that's what I fell in love with all those years ago. When was that? Oh crap, it's tomorrow! I'd better make dinner reservation, order flowers, get a card, hire a band, and rub her feet!

As it turns out, I already did all those things, minus the flowers, they only die, I don't know what kind of bands she likes, and rubbing her feet is just too funny! I didn't make dinner reservations, but I know where we are going, and I've had the card for months. The good news is I didn't have to do any of those things, she would still be cool with that. I may not have made tons of money, or gotten my degree in nuclear medicine, but I did do one thing better then I ever thought I would. I married the best girl in the world, and I am a very lucky guy! Baby, you're the greatest!

The best part about me, besides my modesty, is that I'm smart enough to know what I have. I have a wife who doesn't pressure me to be something I'm not, or try to make me into something she wants. We can be alone for hours on end, and be sad that it's time to move on. She has never one time made me feel bad for having MS, or ever made me think it was a issue that may come between us. She is my biggest fan, and me hers, and she has my heart for as long as she wants it. It's hard sometimes that my family likes her better then me, but she has earned it, she's great! Happy anniversary baby!


Slammermike said...

I thought you might just make dinner yourself. You know surprise her.

Maybe a nice roast and maybe a pitcher of screwdrivers!

Happy Anniversary to a great couple!

awb said...

That was the nicest kitchen floor of any house we lived in, comfortable if you will. You guys have your 25th not to far off. I'd remember for sure, but I didn't get invited to the nuptials!

Anonymous said...

Happy anniversary to both of you. You are a great couple. Jackie is a great gal. you are ok. She is special, the family does think the world of her. This is so much cheaper than sending a card. Have a good one.

awb said...

I'm sorry, I had a tear in my eye reading my Hallmark!

Anonymous said...

It's me that is the lucky one! Thanks for 24 wonderful years and most importantly thank you for the 2 best gifts a woman could ask for - Katelyn and Jacob!! I love you!

Anonymous LOL

Slammermike said...

We had 25 years this past March. So I didn't get to dance or go out for our anniversary since is was about a month after surgery.
Of course that was a similar story regarding our honeymoon because we got married while I was in the academy so no honeymoon. Back to work that Monday.