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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Fat Intake and Multiple Sclerosis

I was sitting out back today reading my favorite magazine, Mother Earth News. They have a big article this month about eating like your grandmother told you to, low carbs, and low sugar. Let me think, did Hildred tell me to eat that way? She didn't have many sweets laying around, but she would fry you a steak if you were good. I also don't remember fruit being real big, or baked breads, or noodle casseroles. She did make a wicked spaghetti that she used to leave on the stove until it was gone, even if it took 3 days to eat it all! Was she ahead of her time with all the meat? I can't remember if she made a lot green leafies, but she would make me collards and shad roe every March.

Is red meat going to kill me, or make my heart leap out of my chest and run down the street? The more I read, the more I think the wool has been pulled down on me once again. We have a nation of fat people, but what are we eating? Can you really eat an Atkins style menu and live to talk about it? What if you have MS? I haven't eaten at McD's in a coons age, but I'm still struggling with my weight. What is going to hurt me more, McD's mule meat, or the carbs from all the rest? I wonder if that 30 days dude would tackle that one for me? Go 30 days only eating McD's meat and see what happens.

Calorie counting and reducing fat is a joke! Until I push my big ass away from the table I am going to have a weight problem. Swank had it's merits, but it wasn't good for weight loss as long as I gorged myself on grilled chicken and boiled potatoes. Weight has got to play a part in MS, it sure does for me. Logic says it is harder for me to get around on weak legs then it will be for a guy 100 lbs less then me. Sugar is going to be tough, I love sweet tea, pies, and donuts. I think I can stay away from those, it's the sammiches I'm going to miss. I will let you know how I make out, I'm thinking Monday is a good day to start? I had a cheeseburger sub for lunch today,, it was a piece of heaven!


Slammermike said...

I hope is was a nice juicy one that drips down your arms as you eat it

Anonymous said...

Did you have the stuff running down your arm? Yuck, hope it was good. I think you can eat pretty much what you want in moderation. Go for it. You have to admit Hildred was a great cook even if she did fry a lot. It was great stuff. Ever see Chaz grab other people's pork bones to gnaw? Double yuck. Or have him lick the last piece of anything so nobody else would eat it? Triple yuck. I guess in view of these things maybe dripping a sub down your arm is tame.

awb said...

It didn't run down my arms, but it drip all over my shirt! I had it in my beard, it was a hoot. My grandfather wouldn't have done those things. Slammer probably remembers Chas assing up the lazy boy chewing on his tongue, and taking every punch as we watched a pay per view fight when we lived in the townhouse. He also asked all the guys how much they made and how much their houses cost! Good times!

Anonymous said...

Said I wouldn't comment, but changed my mind. For now my name is "anonymous" even though I'm sure you know who! The husband and I have done Atkins a few times (usually to lose a bunch of weight quickly for a specific reason, and yes I know that sounds like a teenager!). It works, but I had to say please make sure you keep eating the leafy greens! That diet will bind you if you don't. And all the protein will give you gas so get ready for some fun!

Of course you know to eat more chicken and fish than the red yummy stuff for your heart. But you will drop weight quickly, and studies have shown it works better for men than women too. I know a girl who has been doing for year and now is down 75 pounds. Good luck!

awb said...

Maybe I should just start smoking again, I think my doctor wants me too anyway? He gave me a subscription for it!