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Monday, October 27, 2008

Diet, Multiple Sclerosis, Crime in The City

Tomorrow is the day, another new start! Atkins here I come. I hope I feel better doing this then I did with the Swank diet, I couldn't get out of my own way. I've decided that not everything works the same way for everyone. Tell me I'm right, even if you have to lie to me, tell me anyway. Look on the bright side, I always do, at least I get to eat better food this time! I'm just biding my time until somebody comes up with the cookie and pie diet for dudes with MS.

The legs are feeling a little better today. I'm not going line dancing or anything, but the were a little more steady today. Let me adjust that, the legs are steady once I'm up. That initial stand up is still an adventure. Remember how Foster Brooks stood? That's the way I do it too. I need to start the treadmill or the bike, probably every other day it. I have to go with the assumption that my legs feel this way because they have atrophied over the last, I don't know, 10 years? We will see, I will either be dancing a jig, or cussing up a storm!

A resolution for justice, that's what they are calling it. The murder of Ken Harris, a city council member, has brought the council together to ask for the city to break it's silence. What about all the other unsolved murders? Are they going to offer a reward for any of them? Bad business making his life more valuable then the rest. Town hall meetings are scheduled, neighborhood chats, and church services too, trying to get the people of the city to tell if they saw something. Wow, I didn't realize the city had gotten THAT bad!


Slammermike said...

It's funny how the resolutions of certain murders are more vigorously sought as opposed to others. People pull out their bull horns and demand justice now and vow to take back the streets. Yet when they are asked to give police info or report what they saw no one saw anything. Then they want to call out the police for not doing their job fast enough. Then when there is an arrest and a conviction suddenly everyone say what a good person the criminal is and he is a victim of his environment and is being unfairly persecuted.

awb said...

Not in Baltimore? Really? I think Baltimore invented that one!