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Friday, September 19, 2008

Vitamin D, Multiple Sclerosis, and Life In The Slow Lane

I usually have a general feeling of disconnect, meaning I usually feel dizzy, unsteady and out of sorts, but then I have bad days! Today is one of those bad days. I feel today like I could pass out at any moment. On days like today I have the old "barber chair syndrome" like I did when this pony ride started, except I think it could make me pass out now. Think of getting your hair cut and putting your chin down to your chest, that's what I mean. Like I said the other day, I always feel bad the first few weeks of starting anything new, I just always hope that it's a sign of good things to come.

Along with that I also have no energy, and I don't mean low, I mean no! I have been ready for bed all day. I would have slept all day, but my shots were delivered first thing this morning and woke me up. Isn't that a kick in the ass? So do I feel like this today because of my uber amount of vitamin D I took last night? Am I supposed to feel bad from the D? If so, will I feel bad each time? Does everyone else who takes D feel bad too, or is it just me? Why do my hands feel so bad? Ever stick your finger in a lamp without a bulb? If you haven't, go do it now so you know what I'm talking about. That's what my hands feel like, but swollen, if that makes any sense?

People always tell me at least I can take it easy when I feel this way. I haven't killed any of them because I know they mean well. I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired! Thanks UB, I knew I would work that one in someday. I don't want to take it easy. I want to get rid of this Edsel body and maybe drive a Ferrari for a few weeks. I'm doing Swank, Vitamin D, Rebif, and will be doing LDN and posibbly the water cure. One of these has to work, it's the law of averages, right? Life in the fast lane may not be my bag anymore, that's cool, just let me stay out of the pits and at least cruise the slow lane.



Well, having just taken two of those little green gelcaps this week, I can tell you that I feel kinda worse. Actually, I was if this is normal and how long it might last.

My muscles are extra achy. I have zero energy or gumption to do anything. I fell asleep yesterday four times while trying to write a comment on a friend's blog. Etc., etc.

I hear ya.

cjm said...
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cjm said...

And I hear you about people who mean well. My son has Alopecia. When he was 5,6,7,8 (happened 4 separate times) he was either completely bald or almost bald. Many people said, "At least he's a boy. It's better for boys to be bald." Is it? He's not 25. He's a little boy who could easily be bullied. And he's a tiny, quiet, intelligent, bookworm type, not the captain of the football team type. And my favorite is the lady who walked up to me and told me to put mayonnaise on his head! It took all my strength to turn and walk away from her instead of choking her! At least now at age 10, thank God, there are only patches covered by longer hair (highly unpredictable disorder so I pray for it to stay that way all the time!), so people who mean well don't notice and therefore don't come up to me and say anything stupid!! Been enjoying your blog by the way.

awb said...

Lisa I am with you on the no gumption to do anything! Here is to hoping this is our bodies saying, "oh vitamin D, I have missed you so much! Let's get back to normal!"

awb said...

CJM, good to see you. I remember when your little guy was having what I hope is the worse he will ever have with it. It is such a fine line between saying the wrong thing, and having people think you are indifferent to the problem by not saying anything at all. We will never forget when our boy was swollen like a watermelon, having doubled his weight in a few days, obvious to everyone that something was not right, and the woman who said, "damn, what do you feed that kid?" Nothing compares to the helpless feeling of having a child that's not well. It doesn't matter where they fall on the overall scale of things. When it's your child, there is nothing, or anyone on earth that has it worse than you.

froggysoprano said...

I know what you mean about a sick child, it doesn't matter how old . People mean well for the most part but just don't think. You get tired of being the one who watches what you say because they might be offended. Wish I could make you feel better.