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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Vitamin D and Multiple Sclerosis

Well, I finally started a new therapy today. I took the greenest gel cap I've ever seen. I can almost feel the vitamin D rushing through my veins. Vitamin D isn't calcium, is it? How long will it take for my D to go up? Does your D automatically go up when you take such a mega does? Has anyone ever had a D range that was too high, and if so, what in the hell does that do to you? Here's one for ya, do cows ever have a problem with vitamin D?

A friend of mine came by to take a look at my bathroom project, he's one of those guys you hate who can do anything. He told me that an hour should finish the whole deal, minus a couple pieces of trim. Makes me more than a little mad that it's only an hour of small jobs left between me and my turbo toilet! I tried not to bother the guys I worked with, but like so many times in my life, when it was important, they were there. Thanks guys! So barring some unforeseen problem in Dover on Sunday, my friend will be here to caulk, put on knobs, turn on the water, and make me laugh at the stories of what he saw at the race on Sunday.

The boy broke his finger in gym class yesterday, that puts a damper on badminton and bowling. I told him something like that wouldn't have happened to me when I was in school, mainly because I usually laid on top of the lockers and smoked during gym class. I can't figure out why the wife gets made when I tell the kids those kinds of stories, what does she think they are going to be shocked? The division badminton games start tomorrow, and the competitive bowling leagues start on Saturday. I wish I could make it better, but sorry Pal, unfortunately this is the way it goes sometimes.

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