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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Multiple Sclerosis And A Total Loss Of Energy

Boy do I have a bad case of the lead ass! Now for those of you that don't know me, or didn't know me before I had MS, I was never going to set the world on fire with my energy, but this is ridiculous! The wife and I went to a flea market to get rid of some of our crap, actually it was mostly her crap, I don't accumulate stuff like she does. I thought a great day would have been staying in bed all day, but at 6 am we were up and out. I took my recliner planning on using it all day long, all the while reading and watching her barter. It didn't work out that way.

This whole soiree was put on by my father in law. The father in law is a pretty remarkable man, always on the go, involved in more activities than I would do if I felt up to it. At 83 he shows no sign of slowing down, which is wonderful. He is a little discouraged because his friends are passing at an incredible rate. So enters my empty gesture! They were parking cars, walking people over uneven terrain to their designated spots, cooking food, serving food, and even delivering food to the flea vendors. He was obviously short handed, so I volunteered to help, knowing he wouldn't want me doing those jobs, but it was the least I could do, and I'm always willing to do the least I can do.

So that was 7 am, and from 7 am until 3 pm I was the head cashier in the food court for the Parkville Kiwanians's! I'm not a people person generally, I don't like them, and they don't like me, but it works for me. The problem is I wasn't exactly on my game today. I'm trying to figure out if my uber vitamin D dose is responsible, or if it's the Swank diet, or if it was just another day in paradise, but I was wiped out. You ever spent the day with 8 men between 75 and 85? They can be a little gruff, short, and abrupt. I was the curmudgeon poster child! I'm glad I didn't have to balance my drawer! My cognitive abilities took a little hit today, I wasn't in my zone.

I didn't know most of these men, so a few of them came over and asked my name, what the brace on my leg was for, if I knew Richard Pryor had MS, those kinds of things. At about noon, one of the men who had watched me take the money for 5 hours came over and asked who the hell I was, and why I was collecting the money for his group. I would tell people how much their food was and forget what I told them as I was counting it out. Things were foggy for most of the day, I think I charged 40 people in a row for my soda that was sitting on the counter next to the cash drawer! The MS would have gotten the best of me today except I was able to do something for a group of men that truly appreciated having me participate, and was able to help the father in law without him having to ask. It turned out to be a nice day.


Slammermike said...

You've always pitched in to help. I bet you'd still do a great job at the Hot Dog Stand

awb said...

Don't bring up that hot dog stand, that's still my baby, and we had a blast doing it!

Slammermike said...

They were great times. With all the members and the kids

awb said...

I remember our girls being the queens of the festival lemonade. I think they spilled more than they sold! Good times.