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Monday, September 22, 2008

Swank, LDN,Chemotherapy, Vitamin D,Water Cure, Don't they Have One

Swank was good, but it was boring. LDN never got off the ground, but still has promise. The water cure is one I am going to look into real hard. I'm doing the vitamin D as we speak. I'm out of sorts in all ways. The Rebif injections are trying to do their part and keep status quo. I need to do one of these at a time I would think. The vitamin D is one I have been reading about and one the neuros are excited by, so there be my start point. I will work through my initial 12 weeks of 55000mg of D, do my blood test to check the level. and probably do it all over again.

I have to read what the plan is with the D. Will I be a dance instructor in a few weeks, or just a guy with a good range vitamin D level? What will happen to me if this works? Is it a cure, or a bandade? Right now t feels like a Quaalude, a Hugh Quaalude! I still feel like I should be in bed, but can't be, so I'm dying. The energizer Bunny could kick my ass right now, as I fell asleep during the process of said beating. Somebody wake me up so I can enjoy this beating from this bunny!

I will do one of these therapies until I'm told to stop. That way I will know when I come across the winner. I will have my surgery on Thursday to remove the port from my chest. I think the wife will be home from her clothing optional business trip to Saint Barts. This energy level has to come back up, doesn't it? It can't stay this low. If it does I'm buying a pack of sticks and a case of beer! Tomorrow has to be more energy available. Right now I'm using the last of my energy to make it up to the bed!


Slammermike said...

So are you feeling any more energetic? I hope this helps you

awb said...

Not yet, this must be slow release vitamin D! Tomorrow will be the day, dose number 2 is probably key.