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Monday, September 15, 2008

Swank Diet, Low Dose Naltrexone, and Multiple Sclerosis

I'm trying to decide if I just am sliding on a good slope, or if the Swank is perking me up? I'm not out swinging from the trees, but I'm feeling pretty good today. Like I said before, MS or not, eating better has to be good for me. I like the idea that if all else fails at least I'm not killing myself with food anymore. I'm just hoping that I continue to feel better, I don't care why. Now if I can convince the rest of the family to join me, that would really make me feel good.

I went for my blood work today to see if I'm vitamin D deficient. That would be a kick in the ass if vitamin D is to blame for the last 20+ years of fun. Say I am lacking in the D department, what do they do, tell me to drink more milk? Is it a pill, an IV? Do they want me to move to Key West to soak up as much sun as possible? I was reading that sun block also blocks out vitamin D. Should I sleep with the lights on to get the most exposure as possible? Why are the docs so ready to go the D route when they won't even consider the LDN idea?

Speaking of LDN, I am set. I have everything ready to go, I am full speed ahead. I told the wife last night I didn't care about the blood work today, I was going to start last night, it was my body, my decision, if I wanted to hear her opinion I'd tell it to her! I was worried, worried I wake her up and she would hear me! So I decided to start tonight. Slow down big fella, not tonight. Turns out I have an appointment next week to have surgery. I'm having the medi-port removed from my chest I had put in for the chemotherapy. The last thing I want to have happen is for the anesthesia not to work because of the naltrexone. I know it's only 3 mg and would probably not have much effect, but then again, I can take pain meds like they are tic tacs! I've waited 20+ years, I can wait until next Thursday to start.


beachbum said...

Sorry I checked out for awhile but this work thing has caught up with me. Anyway, way to go Andy...tofu! Sounds exciting but what the hell. If you want some Vitamin D from sun come to sunny Hilton Head and hang out on the beach. I wont' eat tofu but I won't eat junk in front of you either. Hang in there.

awb said...

You got the job at the Piggley Wiggley? I knew you wouldn't just become a southern belle! I'm eating things I didn't know humans ate.

froggysoprano said...

You're a champ! There are a lot of us pulling for you, so keep up the good work. I figured out who one of your commentators is, Smart , huh? Vitamin deficiency can be a big part of health, I was iron deficient and had to get shots for a long time. Blood tests are easy unless you are a wimp, are you?

awb said...

I'm a huge wimp, are you kidding me? Like the first time I went to a proctologist, I laughed and said, "no, really, you're going to stick that where?" I've always had a problem with D's, not just in school.