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Monday, September 15, 2008

NFL Celebrations

Did you see that moron for Philly celebrate before he was in the end zone? Jackson was his name, they said he is a problem child, can't keep his mouth shut, is a little bit of a trouble maker. Why didn't they throw a flag for taunting? Think about it, he threw the ball backwards at the guys chasing him. If he had spiked it at their feet, or screamed at them, like Owens did when he scored, that would be taunting, right? No it wouldn't, the league has no balls. They are letting the thugs have their way. God forbid they just play the game. I just think it's funny what an ass DeSean Jackson made of himself tonight.


Slammermike said...

They should start giving out heavy fines and suspending.Maybe that will get their attention

awb said...

Heavy fines, not the same fines that kept Butkis in line. It reminds me of a pimp we saw one Christmas Eve. "$3000, I got that right chere in my pocket!" Hit them and hit them hard.