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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Swank Day 8, Multiple Sclerosis, Elections

Man, my $1 crabs were out of this world last night, but the salt content made me feel like I had my period today! 285 and feeling good, but my body is still shaky. I don't know if other MSer's have the same effects when they try something new, but this is kicking my butt. I'm not sure if I feel good, or is it that I'm not sure what I'm feeling? Hm, good question me thinks, one I think I'm going to go with. This feeling is my body is healing itself, yeah, that's the ticket! Nothing to eat of note today, fruits, veggies, all good stuff, no tastykake pies, and just when the fall iced pies came out AND are on sale! It is a cruel world.

My LDN has been ordered, they are going to let me know how long it will take. It evidently isn't a drug that is kept in stock with many small pharmacies, so it has to be ordered in. I am really anxious to get started with it. I also realized today I need to finish up any narcotic meds I have laying around while they still work. Will they not work at all anymore? Will they work a little bit, it is only 3 mg I will be taking? Can anyone say binge?

Is it election day yet? Why can't we vote tomorrow and put an end to this fiasco? What is going to happen between now and November that is going to "decide" things for the people that aren't sure? Die hards are decided, party followers are decided. Right wingers are going to right wing, while left wingers are going to left wing. Abortion, no abortion. War, no war. Religious right, religious left. Are we going to have to hear about lipstick on pigs until the election, or are we smarter than that?

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