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Monday, September 8, 2008

Swank Day 6, Multiple Sclerosis, and Low Dose Naltrexone

My scale is moving like a fan I'm dropping weight so fast! I tell ya, at this rate I'm going to need protein shakes soon! Maybe not that fast, but I am losing, and I'm following my modified Swank. Cereal and English muffin this morning, tuna samich with tomato for lunch, and I just had a bowl of bok choy, chicken, Chinese noodles, and onions swimming in a spicy broth. Fruit was mixed in all day with gallons of water. I didn't start the water cure today, I had errands to run and didn't want to do it today. Oh yeah, 288 this morning, thank you, thank you.

I got a call from my PCP today, she wanted to let me know she had written me a prescription for LDN, but she wanted me to sign a paper saying it was my idea to take the medicine. Cool, works for me! So now I'm set, nothing stopping me now, other then pure unadulterated fear! What if it doesn't work? Is this my last hope? Tisabri is an option, but I've decided not to try that one. If this doesn't work, I suppose I need to wait out one of the drugs currently in trials to look for any relief? Good news is I will be cured next week, so no need to plan ahead!

I sent a question to the LDN website today. This was my question, and I quote, "I am currently taking Rebif injections, do I need to stop them to go on naltrexone?" That was a good question, right? That's not one of those questions that gets you smack in military school. This is the answer I got back, "That is not a true contraindication. However, be sure to read the "Further Q & A" page on the website. editor --" Is it me, or do they deserve to get smacked? I think it's me that needs the whack, but a simple "no you don't have to stop the shot" would have been nice for us unedumacated people! Don't use 50 cent a copy words when I'm nervous! Wish me luck, full steam ahead!

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