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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Swank Day 5, Multiple Sclerosis, And Aches & Pains

I ate too much yesterday, but I ate too much of good for me food, so I only lost 2 #'s down to 290. I need to do a better job pushing away from the table, or taking less food and putting the rest away. Losing 2 is better than gaining 2, but I want to do better. The girl came home from school last night, so we stayed up late, and that made me sleep late, so breakfast was a banana and a plum. Lunch was a tomato sammich, yellow tomatoes, a cup of raisins and prunes, and an apple. I had steamed shrimp last night in a hot pot with onions and bok choy and a bowl of rice. Tonight I'm thinking corn on the cob, sliced tomatoes, and a piece of chicken I think.

Like I said, anytime I quit anything, I feel it in my legs, this time is no exception. I also have problems with my back, they tell me it's a bulging disk. I had one doc tell me the disk was a result of the gallons of steroids I took over the years. Back when I was diagnosed in '87, if you had a problem you took Prednisone. I think it may have been the only choice at the time, I can't remember. When my back acts up, I take Skelaxin and it usally does the trick in a couple of days. The problem is it also goes to work on the spasticity in my legs. I think the spasticity is the only thing that keeps my legs working!

I can remember thinking I would never get used to the numbness, it was horrible. I wished it would just go away. I didn't appreciate at the time that even with the numbness, I still had function. Some of the numbness has gone away, but it's been replaced with pain and disfunction. I don't write much, too hard to control the pen. Small things like washing your hair is hard, that's a long time to have your arms over your head. The worse part is the shower isn't the only tough thing you do in the bathroom. That's why I don't appreciate it when potentially helpful things are delayed because politicians don't feel morally good about them, or doctors don't see the benefit of other therapies. I wish I had the luxury of both!


Slammermike said...

Have you tried a Water Pick hand held shower? It works great and you move your arms and the showerhead where you want when you want. And it makes it easier to reach those hard to reach places to wash and rinse. Also it is easy to use if you sit in the shower on a seat. Plus on a seat you can relax and not worry about losing your balance.

awb said...

I agree, I have one in the new bathroom, just not yet! I'm really looking forward to the bench. As always, thanks for the info.