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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Swank Day 4, Multiple Sclerosis, And Bathroom Update.

291 on the old scalearooney this morning. At this rate I should be down to fighting weight by next Thursday! Had a bowl of cereal and a banana for breakfast, a bowl of black beans and rice with a half a chicken breast cut up in it and a couple of pieces of fried polenta for lunch. Dinner will be something good, maybe some shrimp or fish, with maybe a salad? Copious amounts of water are being consumed also, although not yet up to 32 oz 5 times a day yet!

Anytime I have ever stopped anything they say is bad for me, I pay the price in my legs. When I stopped caffeine and nicotine, it took me weeks to get my legs under me again, or as much as I ever have them anymore. Evidently fat intake effects me the same way. My legs aren't worth much, other than to look at! I'm hoping that's a good sign, because I am going to be truly pissed if stopping all these things doesn't do anything good for me! Snacking is still my biggest problem. The Raven's game won't be the same without chips and dip, nachos, and m&m peanut butter, but I shall muddle through.

We worked on the bathroom for a bit today. We were able to get the molding back on around the window, and caulk down one side of the shower enclosure. So much for being told we would finish everything today. At this rate we may be finished by Thanksgiving, but Christmas is just around the corner. That's it, I want the bathroom finished for Christmas, done and done! That's a load off, now I can hope I get an early present. I am thankful, really I am, I just don't like having to beg to get family to do things for me.


Slammermike said...

Damn at the rate you are going you'll be a lightweight by Thanksgiving and won't need a TURBO TOILET. You'll be putting out little rabbit turds.
You could eat fruit to snack on during the Ravens' games. Dried fruit might work or how about some nuts?

awb said...

Fruit and nuts he says, and me not able to answer because my mother reads this!