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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Idiot Proof Garden, Swank, Vitamin D, and Multiple Sclerosis

I need to go grocery shopping big time! The idiot garden is all but gone, but it sure was fun. My father is just starting to get tomatoes on his idiot tomato tree. I keep asking for him to send me pictures, but he has yet to do it. I don't know why his was so late starting to produce, so much so he was going to tear it out because it was so big, but no fruit. He tells me now it is so full he is feeding the entire eastern shore. My 2nd crop of lettuce and mescaline is ready to harvest, so are more green and hot peppers, but only a few tomatoes are left.

Swank is going great, feeling good, but I need to spark up the menu a bit. I'm going to make some bar-b-qued beans I think, just for the flavor. I'm not losing weight, I think my scale must have broken! I'm holding steady at 285, bigger than half of the biggest loser contestants, that does a lot for the old ego! I need to add more water again, I do this all the time, start strong, but let my addiction to diet soda side tracks me. I never feel as good drinking the soda as I do drinking the water. Hmm, that should make it easy? This whole MS thing is a real drag. I want to be sucking on a cool micro brew, eating a pulled pork sammich, not trying to figure out if diet soda is bloating me, or if it's all the beans and rice!

I am stopping my blood thinner for the surgery next week, but I'm going to be smart and hold onto the meds, they will probably want me to take them after the surgery. No sense paying for them twice. No word yet on my vitamin D situation. I'm not sure if I want it to be deficient or not? On the one hand I suppose if I am lacking it, there is always the possibility that an infusion may fix all my woes. There is also a chance I go through all that and don't feel any different. Been there, done that. One, two, or any combination of these things has to help, or I'm really going to be pissed!


froggysoprano said...

I have had some vitamin deficiencies and had to have either shots or meds. I now have to take magnesium pills twice a day. I don't eat right so that makes problems. You should see some improvements , vitamin D is important. Strange how you can be seriously deficient and not realize it. It might be a good thing that this was identified. At least you have a legitimate cause. Think positive.

awb said...

How is it you aren't aware you are missing something if it's not being there can make you sick? We are a wonder, at least I am. People have been saying for years, "I wonder about that boy!"