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Saturday, August 9, 2008

The Maryland BBQ Bash

We got a personal invitation to go to the Maryland BBQ Bash from the Who Are Those Guys member "The BBQ nazi." Yeah, that's just how we roll. The invite got us access to the cooking area, under the tents if you will. Anyone could walk "through" the area where the competition teams were set up, but we were in the fold, in the know, we could smell the smoke! I didn't ask if there was dignitary parking permits, but it was all good.

OK, we did get the invite, but so did 1000 other friends of the BBQ squad. I'm glad the others did too, because it was good to see a lot of the other people. The WATG threw down quite a spread! They had pulled pork, baked beans, cole slaw, these stuffed jalepeno thingies that were out of this world! They had deviled eggs, and a killer sweets table, beer, water, and I'm sure things I didn't get to! All of this was done just for giggles for the guests of WATG, their real work would come later.

There was a midway with food vendors who were selling their food to bash goers who weren't "connected!" The lines for food were unreal. There were booths of people hawking everything from tea cozies to triple clad replacement windows. Me and my baby ended up cruising the midway with another couple, one of those friends that stops when stepping off the curb just in case I need a shoulder to steady myself without ever asking or making me ask, and then all 4 us went to a local eatery to catch up.

Meanwhile the WATG team was getting ready for a long night of cooking. I think they were entered in the pulled pork, beef brisket, ribs, and chicken competitions? We left at about 10 pm last night and they were just throwing smoke at their meat. Turn in times are this morning, and we are going to head back up to see how they made out, if my legs let me. If the food they made for us last night is any indication, WATG should be the kings of Bel Air, and take the 1st place trophy in all categories, including the overall numero uno trophy. Thanks for a nice evening guys!

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Anonymous said...

What a great time!! Looking forward to next year!