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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Baltimore City Happy About Its 22 Murders In July

Way to go Baltimore City! The 22 murders in the month of July are the fewest murders in the month for the past 7 years. The worst part of it is that is good news. Less than one murder a day is pretty good with the way things have been going. What's the answer? How do we end the wild west show? Why was this month different from the last 7 years? Does anyone know how to improve on it? Did the poor economy make it so the bad guys couldn't afford bullets?

Our daughter is trying to pick her trip for school. Like I said before, she wants to go Israel and Jordan. Her Mother and I are worried about the safety part, but I suppose we should be happy she isn't going downtown for 3 weeks! People get all tuned up about travel outside the US, but there will be about 17,000 murders here this year, and every year. Maybe we would be safer in another state? In 2006 MD had 546 murders. WOW! That's not good.

I'm glad our neighborhood is safe, and it really is. We have murders here, but who doesn't have them in their hood? We actually had a murder 2 streets over, but that was a jealous husband over 30 years ago. We also had a guy kill his sister in law and a young woman before going to Maine. They executed him though, so I'm safe.

Let's be honest, if you are murdered in a robbery, or in a drive by shooting, you probably got killed by a black guy. If you are murdered in your home, with your entire family, and your dog, and then your vital organs are consumed, you probably got offed by a white dude. Either way, it' a shame we get excited over 22 murders in a month.

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The truth hurts!!!