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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Are There Really Dead Zones In Our Oceans?

Global warming, wars all over the world, violence in our cities, and now I read about dead zones in our oceans. Dead zones? Sounds like something Stephen King should write about. Do they exist? How should I know? I don't have a dead zone test kit from Acme. All I can do is decide which of the 2 sides I choose to believe. Like most things the 2 sides are diverse in their opinions of if it exists, why it exists, and who is to blame for it. I sure wish I could believe our leaders, but you know.

So these said dead zones, why are they there? Are they a naturally occurring phenomenon, caused by plant life and small animals, martians who are waiting to colonize the earth, or is it runoff from our crops? Once again, it depends on who you talk to, or listen to. Did we have this problem back in the 50's, and did the government tell us truth about it then, or cover it up like they do now? How are we supposed to decide for ourselves? Should I believe what I'm told blindly because we have a Republican or Democrat in the White House, or in charge of Congress? Please, get real!

Are our fish and crabs going to be gone soon? Is it safe to eat what's left? Is it global warming making the farmers put nitrates into the water? Why don't we send Consumer Reports Magazine in to investigate, they are totally non biased, right? Can it be fixed? How much will it cost to not only stop it, but then to fix it and make it all better? Wow, I'm confused, and just a bit fed up. Do I need to make up some buttons demanding farms are forced out of business? Hm, that means no food, and that's a bad thing. If we can't trust the government, then who do we turn to?

I say we all start growing our own food. They want to make me responsible for my own social security, why not my own food. How much land do I need for my own food? Give each one of us a parcel of land to farm, if I do it wrong and it pollutes, I don't eat. OK, that doesn't make sense, but how about we make the people responsible follow the rules. Farmers have to do what they need to do to fix the problem. Builders can't build right on the water, no matter how nice the houses are. That means for everyone, even the rich. We stop polluting our streams. No more fines, you pollute, you go to jail. There, I came up with a couple of ideas, now it's your turn. Tell me what else we can do, make a comment to help us all.

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