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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Turbo Toilet Update, Bathroom Renovation Part 3

It's day 294 of our bathroom renovation. A lesser man would have given up by now. All of the drywall is up, the first coat of "mud" is on it. "Mud" is what we seasoned drywall dudes call joint compound, Spackle, and whatever other words we can come up with. The shower works, no leaks, no drips, no errors. We were able to save the floor, so we will retain a little of that retro 1970's look with the new parts we added. Another coat of "mud" and we will be able to paint. Ah, painting, one of my great joys in life! I actually did like to paint at one point in time, but that horse has flown the coop. I never did like painting small spaces, not worth getting the brushes wet.

The other reason is linked to the reason we put in a handicapped accessible bathroom in the first place. I make a real mess now when I paint, something I never did. My right hand doesn't have the strength or dexterity to do it, and my left is still learning to be my primary. Painting isn't like shooting a gun, it takes practice to change hands. The problem is I have developed an arthritis clicky finger on my left hand. I need to start eating gin soaked white raisins before it is too late, but I digress.

Hershey Park killed me, but I knew it would. The drive was painful, only 1 1/2 hours, but long enough. Just enough walking to make the brace scream and remind me it's there. I was thinking I would soak in a hot tub, but we don't have a tub anymore! I can't wait until it's done, I'm tired of sharing my bathroom with the whole world! I want them out! I figure a few more months to go at the rate we are progressing! That's a long time to wait to hear the thunderous blast of a turbo toilet!


Anonymous said...

Sharing with your family is the most wonderful thing you can do - even if that means dealing with 8 different kinds of shampoo and various scents of body wash. You love it! You'll miss it! You know you will! Hello? Anybody there?

awb said...

8 different kinds? Don't I wish! I use 8 different kinds. My girl goes back to the dorm in a couple of days and I'm already crying about that!

Slammermike said...

It sounds like the project is coming along but slower than you would like.

I enjoy the photos showing the progress of the job.

Now I'm no handy man, but I really thought this TURBO TOILET that you are installing would be more than a bucket on the floor. And again I'm no plumber but I think it would be a more effective toilet if it were to be turned over so the opening was on the top side. It could save some nasty messes on the floor.

But those are just my observations

Slammermike said...

I know that is a long ride, but you should be thankful it was not over the Bay Bridge.

awb said...

That was a shot about the bridge, wasn't it? I had a traumatic incident on a bridge when I was a kid. No respect!

Slammermike said...

I just know how found you are of the bridge.

Actually some of my most memorable trips across the bridge were with you and our guest that wouldn't shut up about a barge ramming it.