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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Dance Party NFL

This is just a quickie, but if the NFL is worried about gang activity, get rid of the dancing. I mean it's like a training ground for Dancing with the stars. Every play has a dance or a posture. Are they capable of just going back to the huddle? Instead of pissin and moanin about it, throw a flag on every play that there is a choreographed dance, stance, or prance. Every single play. It's getting so I am losing interest in the games. If I want to watch dancing I'll look up the Solid Gold Dancers or tune into Soul Train. Play ball fellas!


Slammermike said...

I couldn't agree more. Flag them then eject them. It is not part of the game or necessary. They should act like they have been there before.

I am so tired of the mugging and posturing. Did you see it in the Olympics last night? What a contrast. Michael Phelps handled his accomplishment with so much class. Then the next event on TV was the 100 meter dash. There was so much chest pumping after the race it was sickening. The person that came in second was rolling on the track celebrating even though he lost. THey were all playing for the cameras.

awb said...

The Badminton champ was from China. He collapsed and started acting a fool. His coach yelled at him and told him to get up, and knock it off. Way to go coach. What about Jay Payton for the Orioles? I hope he handles things that don't go his way better than he does when the Umps call him out. He goes psycho and then gets thrown out. Good example.