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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Poor Brett Favre!

Is it just me, or have we had a mad rush in the last few years of pro athletes retiring, then unretiring? I think I will, no wait, I'm not! Who cares? Can we not do without another of these guys crying at the podium like a 5 year old that just learned his parents didn't send Bunky to live on that farm with the super nice family, he chased Gypsy across the street and got hit by a green VW, probably breaking his back, not having me there to hold... I digress? I could sure use a break from it. Imagine if these guys had regular jobs like a few of us had. My heart breaks for them.

Now Farve claims he was forced into retiring. Bite me! I bet they couldn't "make" him do anything. This simple farm boy routine has run it's course. Yeah, he may have been just a down home boy, once! That all ended the day he signed on the dotted line. Simple down home folk don't have TV shows about them where Hollywood comes in and films so us poor slobs at home can say, "Good, he deserves this, he's simple folk!" Double bite me!

Favre has now been headline news for days. The mean Green Bay guys won't let him play. Who cares? They, the media, do this to these guys. They build them up until you either love them, or despise them. When Favre's father died the media turned it into such a circus that it made me want to strangle the television, and that's hard to do! I'm sure he was upset, I would be too. Remember, he didn't have to play that day. Others miss games, and they are games, when family members die. Was he doing it in memory of his father, or was he doing to preserve his consecutive starts? I don't know, don't care. I do know when I worked if my father had died I would have gotten 5 days off. Period. No public cry of condolence. 5 days and over.

Life is all about choices. Favre obviously made a bad one. Live with it and stop all the pissing and moaning. Drop it or go back to Green Bay and try and win the starting spot. Either way, shut up and get out of the news!


Slammermike said...

Boy you got that right.

I think Brett has been reading your blog and realizes from your post last month "Can you call me Mel?" that he has a limited time to earn money.

Besides the prices have all gone topsy turvy since he announced his retirement back in March. Gas has probably gone up $1.00 a gallon since then. Not to mention the groceries going up in price.

I understand the NFL does not have a lucrative pension system like many public servants are afforded.

I'm not sure if they even have a health care program for retirees.

The job market is tight right now also. GM is announcing numerous lay-offs. unemployment is going up. So in these tough times what is a guy like Brett Farve to do. What are his job skills? How much of a need is there for a person that only wants to go to work one day a week for 7 months a year? I checked the classified ads and didn't see one opening for a quarterback.

Economic times are hard. Gas and groceries are up, the DOW is down. Brett realized he jumped the gun and is reaching for his security blanket.

beachbum said...

Let's just hope the Ravens don't get any ideas of signing yet another old has been to try and
"train" our young QB line-up.