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Monday, July 14, 2008

Bush Plays Politics With Our Pocketbooks.

I said the other day I was shocked to side with the President on any issue and that I wouldn't be surprised to be right back here talking about him in a few days. Guess what? I'm back! Bush today, in a purely political move, lifted an executive order banning offshore oil drilling. He said he did it to help the average Joe make ends meet. Oh Bite me! He did it to make it look like the Democratic controlled congress was trying to keep a foot on the throat of America by not changing the law prohibiting offshore drilling. By doing so I guess the thinking is the average American is supposed to say, "Hey, the Republicans tried, I'm voting Republican!" The problem is they are probably right.

You cannot rationalize, on paper or otherwise, that our president is any smarter then the average American. If you have had the opportunity to meet many people, you will know what a scary thought that is. He has no cares for me, he proved that with his holier than thou stand on stem cell research. He has used the argument that it may take several years to realize any gas from offshore drilling, but the longer we wait, the longer it will take to get the gas. Sucks, don't it? That's the same thing I thought about stem cells while I watched my body atrophy and digest itself, all the while knowing you did it because of your strong beliefs. I wonder if one of the twins was an MS'er if his beliefs would change.

He can't blame the Democrats for the original ban, it was a Republican who thought it was important enough to sign the original order banning the drilling. What was that chaps name? Oh yeah, it was Daddy Bush. That should make interesting Thanksgiving dinner conversation! Seems the President is making a habit of not following his father, first Iraq, now this.

I'm sure this will become a major issue in the election, with each candidate having opposite views on offshore drilling. Do you think that's why McCain changed his mind and is now in favor of it? It doesn't matter, by the time the election is here both the stars will probably flip on this, and many other issue. Take the money the government will sink into everything offshore, the 300 billion, with a B, that the feds want to give the mortgage guys, and all the money spent on the 2008 Presidential race and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and I bet we could have a viable electric car for the average Joe to drive?

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