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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Bush Thinks He's The Sheriff of Baltimore County!

I remember one time when the Sheriff of Baltimore County tried to push through a bill that would have eliminated one of his supervisory positions. That part was buried deep inside the wording of the bill. When asked about it he said, "Wow, how did that get in there?" It looks like the same thing is happening at the national level, but not with eliminating a position, but trying to cover ones derriere.

Can someone pardon themselves, other then when they pass a foul odor? A Bill was just passed in the House redefining the treatment of detainees, the Senate is expected to do the same. Buried deep inside of the bill is a get out of jail card for Bush and his administration, pardoning them of any crimes as to torture of said detainees. Interesting. Doesn't seem like something you would do when you are a man of conviction and true beliefs. Maybe there is hope for my stem cells! It just makes me chuckle, if nothing was done wrong, why would you do that? "Me thinks he doth protest too much?" Ah, solidarity, bipartisan, or collusion? Either way, it's wrong.

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Slammermike said...

The only similarities between President Bush and that Sheriff is that they were both Republicans.