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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

FEMA Sends Katrina Surplus To The Wrong People.

Do you ever buy too much when you go to the store? I do, all the time, it must be a human trait. I don't think it's a problem, unless you are buying for FEMA. They spent 85 million on supplies, yadda, yadda, yadda. I already talked about that. I still don't know how much extra they ordered. They just dispersed the remaining surplus, and by the looks of it to everyone but the people that needed it. Wow, they are unlucky! Almost as unlucky as the poor people who are still waiting for help!

It seems that after having the supplies for almost 2 years FEMA decided it was costing them too much to warehouse all of it. Did they ever think to ask the people living in trailers who had lost everything if they could store it for them? Maybe they didn't know they had it, I mean it's only 121 tractor trailer loads of household items. It could happen to anyone.

So FEMA doesn't want to store it, so they find needy people, not Katrina victims, but needy just the same, right? Nope, they send it to state agencies, who apparently kept them. The Dept. of Corrections got tents and pillows, even men's underwear. The gaming commission was the big winner. They got 5 gallon containers, 2 burner stoves, wash kits, and more pillows. An aid said they would be keeping the items in case there was another hurricane.

Sen. Mary Landrieu of Louisiana has been an outspoken critic of FEMA. You may remember her being on TV during the marathon coverage of the storm, hanging around the neck of Gov. Kathleen Blanco like a Rolling Stones groupie! She demanded all sorts of things for her constituents in the immediate aftermath of the storm. Her constituents should have asked her to stay vigilant after the cameras were gone. She told a leading news agency that the supply giveaway was, "just a shame." Landrieu demanded and explanation of why the supplies weren't dispersed. It's too bad she didn't ask that question the first 2 years they were in storage.

Did you ever have an important job, one that people depended on you? It's a good feeling to see that job done to fruition, and know you made a difference. Now try and picture having the same type of job and botching it so badly that some guy in Baltimore is even pissed about it. How do these people go to sleep at night? I need to warm up my button maker because this cannot be allowed. We all sit around and watched as Brett Favre sobs over his retirement, and the twins got sporty names in Hollywood. I sure hope my friends continue to have my back because there appears to be no federal aid, unless you work at the gaming commission.

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