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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Gang Signs In The NFL

I did not know that gangs had infiltrated pro sports. Where was I when that happened? I thought gangs were something that young minorities joined to have a sense of self? What was it the Celtic player did during the championship that caused such a ruckus? I'd like to know so I don't accidentally do it down to the Piggley Wiggley! I said a few posts ago I thought Kevin Garnett was speaking a different language. Was he gang talking? This is a pickle!

Don't these guys know gangs are a bad thing? It looks like the NFL is taking steps to stop this right here, right now. Did you know the NFL had an orientation for new players and a part of that orientation is to let them know they can"t be in gangs? I did not know this, but I'm glad I do now. The referees are going to now be like hall monitors in Junior high, or guards in prison, whichever one works for you. On top of calling the game, the refs are going to report any suspected gang gestures, or dances, or whatever looks gangy.

How do the refs know what is gang related? Are they going to watch the movie "Warriors" from 1979 and see what they do? No clicking beer bottles together in the end zone? Now I remember what they are going to do. The league hired gang experts to review films of NFL games to see if anyone is doing anything they shouldn't be. I wish this was a joke, but it's not. The player that got killed last year was shot by a gang member. Is this retaliation for that?

I know, this is crazy, but it just might work. Any player caught flashing gang signs gets banned from football, forever, has to pay all the money they earned back, and has to pay a fine for violating the rules of the league. How about they ban all the tribal dances after each TD and all tackles. No flexing, no posturing, no choreographed celebrations. Go back to the way the greats played. Unitas didn't have a Sharpie, and he let his play do the dancing. Don't give me any of that I'm black, I gotta dance crap either. This isn't about race, just ask Jim Brown. He had a pretty fair career and didn't dance, didn't pose. Didn't Walter Payton use to hand the ball to the ref after a TD?

Let's face it, things are out of control. These guys are making a ton of money, traveling with entourages, not living a normal life. The NFL leads all other sports in arrests. True, most of the guys playing are doing a great job. It's the old story, a few bad apples. Let's just get back to the games. Make it so we want it to be Sunday again. This crap continues and I'm going to flash the NFL a sign, and it wont be a gang one!


beachbum said...

Let's face it...the only difference between pro athletes in the NFL and NBA is that they are paid for playing a game on top of being drugs addicts, gang members and nothing but plain old thugs--see Carmelo Anthony in the Stop Snitching video for example. I love sports but it is out of hand and if they can't act like more than the thugs in the hood, they ought to be kept there where all they do it kill each other.

Slammermike said...

It is the thug mentality. They have to mug for the camera for their posses.

Like in college football now mostly in California instead of eye black they wear tape with their area code for their neighborhood.

The flashing signs has become ridiculous. Then the dances and the tattoos and brandings.

The dances are also subject to a closer look. A few years back Snoop Dog was on some awards show and performed a dance across the stage. Well it turned out after closer review that the steps and hand motions were spelling out a message to the gangs about gang activity.

It is in the high schools also to the point that some leagues or schools make basketball players cover their tattoos if they want to play.
I agree with Jughead let's go back to the days where you played the game. Act like you've been there before. They think they are bigger than the game. Again like I have said before it is the "ME" mentality. Bring back Johnny U, Jim Brown, and the stars of the past. I guess I'm getting old because I'm starting to sound like my Dad. But I don't see that as a bad thing.