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Saturday, May 31, 2008


Does anyone know if the tips percentage went up when the sales tax went up? That's a tough one to keep up with anyway. Is it 10 , 15 , or 20 %? Do you tip the same for a cab as you do for a steak? Are you supposed to tip cabbies? I hate tipping! I'm never sure if you should tip the guy running the elevator or not. I was at the motel 6 the other day and the Bellhop just stared at me!

OK, we don't have the same things to tip as they did in the old days. I hear stories of the service people used to get and I understand why you would want to tip. It's a different story today. Why should I tip for an overrated meal from an incompetent waitress? Even better, why should I pay the restaurant's payroll for them? It burns me up when they automatically add the tip! There's no incentive for good service, they are getting it regardless of how they do.

There was a show where the guy put a stack of dollar bills on the table. He told the waitress that was her tip. Every time he had to ask for a drink refill, he took a dollar away and so on. Not a bad idea. Aren't tips supposed to be an extra incentive for supplying excellent service? I thought the incentive was to have a job? What, if you didn't tip the elevator operator in the 1020's, did he drop you off on the wrong floor?

I must be odd man out. I don't see why I need to tip the guy that brings me a pizza, especially when they have added a delivery charge. Come on, what's up with that? Pizza delivery guys haven't deserved tips since they got rid of the 20 minutes or free policies! Do you remember watching these guys with pizza signs on top of their cars driving like a hundred miles an hour to get it to you in 19 minutes! Ahhhh, good times.

Why don't we tip doctors, or better yet teachers? If you get an "A", the teacher knows there are probably a couple of fins coming their way. Who made up the list of who to tip and who gets stuck with their salary for their pay? I don't remember filling out that questionnaire? Other countries don't tip and they probably don't spit in your food. I'm sure people who enter the service industry do it to assist their fellow man. Why don't we get rid of tips and all go to Friendly's to see what kind of service we get?


Jackie said...

Right on! Somebody has to have the nerve to tip in accordance with the quality of the service you were provided with. And I hate hearing about "group" tipping where all of the tips go into one pot and they split it up at the end of the night! Don't get me started on that subject!

Slammermike said...

I agree. I think the tip should reflect your feeling of the service.

karylc said...

My confusion re tipping is at the hair dresser. I used to tip $5 a cut, thinking I was a bid spender. Now that I am older and I need to get my hair colored to cover up the grey, then highlighted to put nice young sun streaks in it, and a cut. Do I tip the lady who offered me a glass of wine while I was waiting? Do I tip the one who washed my hair? The one htat colored it? The one that cut it? I read 20% is the going rate. This whole hair process totals $150! I refuse to tip $30. I'm sorry. But if you're not a good tipper, they can suer screw up your entire looks next time. I'm seriously considering either going bald or letting my hair turn into dreadlocks. I think I could make that happpen in about a week.

awb said...

Your hair is perfect for dreads! I'm thinking of going with the bald look, I too am sure I could pull that off in no time! Do you still tip the pizza guy when have a delivery charge added in?