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Friday, May 23, 2008

Another bad news day!

It's official! It must be me? Checking today, I see that another major "news" website has the same type of information as the others. Once more there is no mention of our wars, no mention of casualties, no mention of a plan. I see Britney Spears is making a comeback though, and may I say it is about time! That comforts me in these hard times.

I see baseball is considering instant replay. That should speed things up nicely. Pet owners settled with makers of tainted food, I was worried that one was going to drag on as long as, I don't know, the wars? I see the Germans are organizing nude air flights. That's what I said, nude, as in nekid! We can learn about celebs hooking up, breaking up, and even cracking up.

Wouldn't it be nice to see something about the mortgage disaster? When I say that I don't mean seeing what the feds are going to do to help all of these people who took on mortgages they knew they couldn't afford. Heavens no, that would be awful if we held people accountable for their actions. I'd like to see them go after the mom and pop mortgage companies that popped up to take advantage of the housing boom. Yep, some of these mortgage companies made a killing. You know the the ones, they didn't have offices, they didn't have money to lend, they were subcontractors, finding mortgages for people making 30G's who wanted to buy a 800G home! Most were just tied into Realtor offices, cut out the middle man, that's how I made my money!

No one ever explained to me that a housing boom actually meant things were going to blow up in our faces! We should demand that these new millionaires, and they made millions, be held responsible and pay for the glut of foreclosure they helped cause. Again, where do I get a button for that? What political person do I call? Times like these, you know what I mean, times you want to scream, I like to take a long drive. That ain't happening! Gas is higher then the foreclosure rate! Man the newsies and politicians better hope I don't buy a button making machine!


karylc said...

Pleased to say that David and I are making a profit in real estate the legitimate old fashioned way: one house at a time with true sweat equity. Not that we wouldn't take being millionaires overnight, but really happy we didn't go that route. Unfortunately, this mess has made it diffiult for us little people to get the chump change we need to keep going and make a living over the long term. I guess I won't be retiring any time soon.

awb said...

I was thinking of how all this would impact you? If anybody can figure it out, I'm sure you guys will!