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Friday, June 24, 2022

The Bathroom Will Be The Death of Me

      What is the best way to get in and out of the shower? How about on and off of the toilet? I cannot believe I need to ask it, but here we are. I honestly don't know the answers anymore, PT and OT have been to the house, no answers from them. Shower seat and toilet seat are both about 6" lower than my ride, doesn't sound like much, Everest to me. Anything? Any tricks I haven't thought of? Actually considering a stoma to take care of the bathroom part, already have the suprapubic catheter for part of it, why not the boxed set. Am I to be destined to sponge baths for eternity, live the rest of my life in seclusion? 

    PT and OT don't seem to understand hemiplegia? They tell me, grab here, push this foot, scoot over, they don't realize my scooting days have passed me by. I can't be the only person they see with these issues? I'm being told Medicare won't pay for an overhead lift system, a Hoyer lift won't get the job done, not without major restorations to our home. Just got a quote for the overhead system, $20,000, say what? That's not going to happen, retired since 1996, not a lot of disposable income at our casa currently. If you see me out I'll be the guy in the corner looking miserable and smelling badly, wait, I forgot, I don't go out anymore. 

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