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Sunday, June 12, 2022

Set Myself on Fire, Transfer Trouble, Farmers Life For Me

    So I'm not digging some of the things going on in my world, for starters on March 26th I set myself on fire. Heating something up in the microwave from Wendy's in the bag I didn't realize it was in a foil lined wrapper. The bag caught fire, I took it out and promptly dropped it on my footrest, instant bbq!
I can't control my right leg, so I couldn't get it out of the way. It just burned! 2nd degree burns, multiple trips to the wound care clinic, I still have a pad on it, without it every time I have a cramp it rubs up against the pad and the new shin rubs off, fun. 

    My days of transferring have just about come to an end. the shower and the toilet have become my arch enemies. The toilet I can still do, providing my body gives me enough warning to get there, but the shower is another story. I sit there and stare, I only need to lift up a few inches, but it may as well be a few feet, ain't happening. We are looking into a ceiling lift, what a procedure it is for that.  Trying to figure out if Medicare pays for any of it, so far no straight answers  

    Something I am digging are my new garden boxes. The men from church put them together, even filled them for me. I now how 2  4'x8'  raised boxes, 5 potato bags, and 5 tomato plants in self watering tubs. We just harvested swiss chard, I can't wait for the rest!

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