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Friday, July 28, 2017

Wound Care All Finishe, Orioles Giveaway

     I went for my last check up for the wound on my rear end today, everything went well, it looks like I'm finished! I had a very attractive young nurse, blond and well-built, who was under the impression that she was going to look at a wound on my leg. Imagine her surprise what I told her that it was on my rear end! I'm sure it made her day. After four weeks of bed rest my worry now is that I won't be able to recover from the lack of activity. It doesn't take long when you're as weak as I have become to have staying in bed become an issue. I suppose this means back to therapy and doing my best to get my body back in shape, sounds easier said than done, right?

   The wife and I have plans to go to the Baltimore orioles game in a couple of weeks, it's a giveaway night for a really nice Orioles blanket. Do you know how on said giveaway nights there are usually stipulations to it, anything sponsored by alcohol you need to be over 21, some things are geared towards children, this one is a senior giveaway, anyone over 55! 55? It's bad enough all the other thing is I have to deal with, now they're making me a senior at 55! I guess I don't mind, they are giving away a free blanket. I guess that's so when I sit outside and it's below 80° I can cover my legs!

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Kim Standard said...

Oh you child I am 57! I would think the blanket would make your legs start spasming like mine does in 80 degrees.
Yes your right about being inactive, hope you can build back though. I am glad to read your sore is healed.
I have to investigate why I didnt see your posts??