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Saturday, July 15, 2017

Stuck In Bed With A Sore Butt, Got A New Set Of Wheels

     Long time no see, I know. I find myself with more time on my hands than I know what to do with, and that's saying something, considering how bored I am normally. I find myself in bed, have been here for the last three weeks. I developed an abscess on my rear, just what I needed! The doctor at the wound care clinic thinks it is just one of those things, not caused by pressure from sitting in the wheelchair all day. Not much of a difference, I still find myself laid up in bed.

   About a year ago I received a new wheelchair, state of the art, and a piece of garbage! It was a quantum heavy duty by Jazzy, tilt, all the bells and whistles. In the first three months I had it, four of the motors went up. I threw a royal hissy fit and the company took it back. I went with a new company, figured it would just be a matter of ordering a new one, right? Nope, I had to start the whole process over from scratch. Finally I got the new one, a Permobil M3000, so far so good, except I flipped it over going top speed on the sidewalk. That story is for another day.



carla jones said...

Just catching up with this,Andy. I live reading your FB posts. Keep it up!! Hugs!

Kim Standard said...

Yes long time no see! Sorry you have to stay in bed, I have nightmares almost from those days pre-internet! I have made piece with my bed finally now lol. Oh the pains of the chairs tearing up. My motors had to be replaced but were under warranty so ok? Glad you found a new chair but slow down lol