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Friday, August 15, 2014

32 Years With The Wife, Lucky Man Even With That MS Thing

Met the wife 32 years ago today, locked her up for solicitation! I kid, it's one of the things she likes about me!?!? We were introduced by a friend and things have never been the same again, in the best possible way. Everything I have, everything I am comes directly from her. Baby, you're the greatest!

What a wild ride the last 32 years have been!  I was having issues then, wouldn't be diagnosed for 5 more years. I was on top of the world, nothing I couldn't do, and she was there to see all of it, the semi pro football, softball, it was great! Unfortunately she's been there to see me when I wasn't riding so high, falling, not making the bathroom, the steady decline of my body. She has been the one constant, along with the family, that I knew was never going to change, would always be within my grasp. In a couple months we will be married 30 years, best choice I ever made, so happy she said yes to the dress!


Muffie said...

A beautiful love story! Congrats!
PS. I never saw nor heard the Jersey Devil, but that doesn't mean he isn't real.

Enjoying the Ride said...

A loving and supportive spouse makes all the difference! Congratulations on 30 years.

Webster said...

Congratulations on 30 years of wedded bliss. There are too few who can weather the storms of relationship.

awb said...

Muff - I'm so going camping in the barrens!

Ride - It sure does, can't imagine this without her, though I wish this was her life?

Webster - She's a saint!


Katelyn Brawn said...

Yours is an epic love story and I'll adore and admire you both until the day I die

awb said...

Thanks baby, it's because I'm so cute!